The Fourth Guitar Booklet

Christmas Carols for guitar ensemble

Tom Eykens. First print, december 2015.

Het Vierde Gitaarboekske

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The Fourth Guitar Booklet is a collection of Christmas carols: simple guitar arrangements for 2, 3 and 4 parts for all levels. For use in guitar lessons and ensemble.

What to play around mid December, just before Christmas break? Something we can play almost immediately at our level. Something everyone knows, or worth learning. A nice piece to round up the trimester, that fits the time of the year.

We follow a star: Taking off in Flanders around 1500, where Praetorius is copied freely, we head for to Poland over Martin Luther's Wittenberg. Then, heading South, we meet a sunny Italian. And while we're there, the guitar is a Spanish instrument, right? On the way we meet a few English acquaintances. The sleigh touches down in Norway where midnight mass traditionally ends with a moving maestoso molto. Ah, Christmas...

We're here to learn: Pieces in first, second, fourth, fifth an seventh position, with a little introduction and/or fingering. The 6/4 time signature (at first with a dashed barline in the middle), a bit of scordatura (sixth string = D). Written chord plucking with and without chord symbols. Lots of extra possibilities: play the melody an octave higher, add an octava and/or bass guitar, chord strumming...

Please do photocopy! Nothing easier to copy than a full page, so there it is. Firm staves, fingering in bold typeset. No separate parts, only scores.

Pieces for every level. The difficulty level for each part is indicated (*/**/***/****). A piano brace shows which parts a teacher can easily combine on one guitar.


32 pages + table of contents (incl. used techniques), keyword list in several languages and legend. No page turns.

price: €17,45. No TVA. ISBN 9789081102766.

Published with a Creative Commons license

The Fourth Guitar Booklet is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. That means you as a teacher, student, musician... are free to copy and share these arrangements within these conditions.

And if you want to pull a neat collection of carols off your shelf next December, you can buy the book yourself. By doing so, you support the work of its author and help creating the next book you can copy inside and outside your class.